Friday, January 25, 2008

As Time Goes By

This Blog Spot is going to be a chance for me to share what I've learned in My career in Middle Management and Life. I hope to share with you techniques, ideas and whatever else comes to mind that day. Suggestions of books, public speakers, news articles and more.

The first thing that most people under estimate in any management position is keeping up with the "top dawgs". What I mean by that is staying current on your local, national and international events. How many people take the time to read the paper anymore. I know that most of my time I spend surfing the internet to find my news, which is perfectly fine if you look for things other than great photos.

The community I live in sends out a free paper on a weekly basis. I'll probably read less than a third of the articles and of course pick the ones with the best pictures! What I find so amazing is I can learn what the county is doing to change traffic patterns in my area, what areas of land they are able to continue to build on, who's running for the council, where the crime is and of course what movies are showing at the theater!

To cut my first Blabber short...My reasoning behind staying current on current events is that knowledge is power and those people who run the businesses in the area typically hold the power. These business owners are current on what is happening in their neighborhood, what roads are being built, where the housing is happening and even if they could lose their land to the government.

Keep educating yourself, stay powerful!


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